Unfortunately neglect and inhumane treatment of guinea pigs are common problems.  Guinea pigs are often purchased impulsively from pet stores and left to suffer in loneliness and filth when their novelty wears off. They are frequently dumped at cat and dog shelters or "rehomed" through classified ads and Craig's List where they end up in even worse situations including becoming snake food. Turtle Hill Farm seeks to provide a safety net for some of these discarded guinea pigs and to educate the public about responsible cavy care. 

Billy and Barney, pictured above, are two THF sanctuary pigs. Billy was severely neglected when we got him in March 2010. He had never had his nails clipped, he was infested with lice and appeared to have a broken hind leg. With a lot of TLC, Billy lived out his remaining years at Turtle Hill Farm in health and happiness.  Barney, a two-year-old Teddy, had never had hay before  and was living in a cardboard box. 

Billy's nails on his first day at Turtle Hill Farm. The vet had to trim them the first time with special clippers.

Cruel Cage

Mowgli and Puffin were kept in this tiny wire-bottomed cage without even a hiding place or soft spot to lie on. They had never had hay or fresh food. Luckily both pigs were young and resilient enough to overcome the neglect. See below for after pictures.

Mowgli checking out a sleep sack on his first day of freedom.

Update: Mowgli was adopted and has new friends named Pumpkin and Hazel (also Turtle Hill Farm graduates). Puffin was adopted too and has a new friend named Kingston. 

Mowgli and Puffin enjoying life at Turtle Hill Farm.


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