Some of our happy adoptees in their new homes! 

Basil was finally adopted! He is now named Merlin and living in pig heaven with Lucy (a THF graduate from Feb. 2010).  

Merlin and Lucy  

Elmo and Coconut are loving their spacious new home! 

Abby, who is blind in one eye,  is loving life in her new home. Abby was adopted in March 2013. 

Abby was picked on by every companion we tried her with so she is living as a single with lots of extra human attention. 

Caddie, a 2012 THF adoptee, lives in this spacious pad with her 3 friends.

Katniss and Muggins 

 Ava and Ella

Rosie and Miss Jingles

Parsnip, adopted September 2010, and dog friend Shiloh

Parsnip and Pumpkin

Bella and Maisie

 Millie and Magic

Petey and Selma, adopted February 2011 (now known as Bob and Belle!)

Snowflake (renamed Presley), adopted February 2011, with new friend Elvis.

Elvis and Presley in their C & C cage.

Pepper, adopted May 2011, now known as Benedick, with his new lady love Beatrice! Benedick had a very dominant personality at THF, but he met his match with Beatrice and the two have clearly bonded.

Snickers, adopted July 2011, with new friend Millie, adopted in January 2011.

Mr. Piggles in his new home! Mr. Piggles was adopted in July 2011 to a wonderful couple who wanted a senior to dote on. He is living in the lap of luxury and finally getting the love and attention he missed out on for the first 5 years of his life.


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