BEFORE:  Dec. 2009

Severely lame Amish buggy horse sold for slaughter at Camelot Auction in Cranbury, NJ.  

AFTER:  April 2010

"Francis", safe at Turtle Hill Farm. Francis suffered rotational founder on his hind hoof from his life on the road. He is fully recovered and is now pasture-sound.     

 Francis spends his days with his best friend Hudson, a 32 year old retired show jumper who was originally surrendered to the Hooved Animal Sanctuary and now lives at Turtle Hill Farm.

Clem, 30 year old Thoroughbred. Rescued from slaughter in 2000. Clem won $350,000 during his 10 year racing career. Clem loves peppermint candy more than anything and will do fancy tricks to obtain candy canes. He also 'races' his pasture buddies regularly in the field.

Penny, 17 year old Thoroughbred. Rescued from slaughter in 2002. Penny won $66,000 during her 2.5 year racing career. After dabbling in dressage and trail riding, Penny made it very clear that she'd much rather lead a life of leisure at THF. 


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