Rabbits require special care and should not be housed in outdoor hutches or small cages. They require regular exercise in a bunny-proofed environment and   should be spayed or neutered. They are not great pets for everyone and careful research should be done before obtaining one.

Rabbits are not only frequently neglected and abused as pets, but they suffer at the hands of fur, research and farming industries as well.

Some of our favorite rabbit rescue organizations:

House Rabbit Society:  http://www.rabbit.org

House Rabbit Network: http://www.rabbitnetwork.org/

Humane Society of the United States: http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/rabbits/

Rabbits from the Lempster Rescue of 2011 at Turtle Hill Farm. 

The shed in Lempster, NH where over 80 rabbits were living. The rabbits were obtained from Craig's List ads and left in the shed to breed. All babies born were sold to pet stores. Many of the rabbits had severe injuries from predation and fighting and untreated illnesses. House Rabbit Network coordinated the rescue and managed to get every rabbit out and into foster homes. 

Lempster rabbits at Turtle Hill Farm. We took all the males. 

Bianco and Thumper were the only two babies found in the Lempster shed.  


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